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Shark River Cleanup – October 24th – 9:00am

Please join SRCC in an environmental cleanup of the Shark River Estuary on Saturday, October 24th – signups and breakfast start at 9:00am!

It’s official. Dredging contract awarded!

After almost 40 years some of the river channels are scheduled and funded to be dredged. The DOT awarded a contract to Mobile Dredging and Pumping Company in the amount of $7,649,817.50 dollars to dredging the navigational channels in Shark River. 101,494 cubic yards of sediment will be removed to create boat channels that will be 10 feet wide by 6 feet deep.

 We would like to thank some of the people who helped make this happen. Special thanks to the Save Shark River  group, a division of the  Shark River Cleanup Coalition, founded by John Dempsey, president of the Shark River Boat and Yacht Club. Spearheading the effort to secure the funding for this project were Senator Jennifer Beck, Freeholder Thomas Arnone, and Neptune Township Committeman Randy Bishop. Their persistence was vital to achieving this milestone. In addition, special thanks to Mayor Matt Doherty of Belmar and Mayor Robert Brown of Neptune City for their full cooperation in offering dredge sites in their towns. Thanks also to all the citizens who made their voices known that our valuable asset must be protected and maintained. It is important for all to remain vigilant, as this is only the first step that must be taken to restore the health of our river, as SRCC has been advocating for over 15 years.

Besides, the navigational boat channels, further funding is needed to dredge other sites along the river, including Memorial Park beach in Neptune City, Musquatch Cove and South Riverside Drive beach in Neptune. In addition, municipalities that surround the river need to monitor upstream development and storm runoff to minimize siltation.

More importantly, the Wall Committee needs to work with all the surrounding towns to protect and save the Shark River. Wall has been contributing to the ongoing sedimentation in the river for over 70 years without a plan to help remove it.  The residents of Wall Township can benefit if the town works with the  Monmouth County Freeholders and National Marine Fisheries to provide a dredge site at Camp Evans, which can be converted into parkland with hiking trails, a wildlife sanctuary, sailing, restoration of historic sites, and educational and environmental programs. Once the dewatering of the dredge material is completed, the ecosystem and the Monmouth County community will benefit both environmentally and economically.

Imagine if ALL our elected officials worked together for us!








Save the Shark River — all of it

A letter written by SRCC Secretary, Arlene Sciarappa to the Asbury Park Press on July 7th, 2015 that discusses the realities of dredging the Shark River. 

Click here to view the entire letter on the Asbury Park Press Website

Letters to the Press: Jim Keady and Randy Bishop address dredging politics

Jim Keady and Randy Bishop wrote letters to the Press addressing political influences on dredging the Shark River. 

Politics getting in way of Shark River dredging

Here is a letter to the Asbury Park Press by Jim Keady, New Jersey Assembly candidate, 30th District regarding political influences on dredging the Shark River. 


Excerpt: “Many involved in the fight to dredge the Shark River ask that politics not get in the way. But the unfortunate reality is that politics have gotten in the way. The two former mayors of Wall have led the charge against using the Camp Evans Area to dry the dredging materials — a classic case of  “not in my backyard.”


Don’t let politics hinder dredging project

Here is a letter to the Asbury Park Press by Randy Bishop, Committeeman, Neptune Township discussing that dredging the Shark River is not a political issue, but  a quality of life, economic and environmental issue.


Excerpt: “I was disheartened when I saw the press release from state Sen. Jennifer Beck’s office concerning the current status of the Shark River dredging project. What dismayed me was not the status, though many think it is slow (and I would agree), we are farther along with a greater probability of the channel dredging becoming a reality than we ever have been.”


Seaview Island Residents Concerned About Dredge Material

Neptune residents living on Seaview Island in the Shark River packed this week’s Township Committee meeting seeking more information about a proposal to use vacant property there to dewater dredge materials from the river.

Read the full article from The Coaster here: http://thecoaster.net/wordpress/in-neptune-seaview-island-residents-concerned-about-dredge-material/

Setback on Neptune / Neptune City Dredging Possibilities

On June 23rd, it was announced that the DEP has NOT APPROVED any of the sites offered in Neptune City. It was also announced that no other sites in Neptune will be approved except for the small site on Seaview Island.

You can view copies of the plan either from the Neptune Township Website – http://www.neptunetownship.org/sites/default/files/documents/PublicNotice/Permit%20Application%20to%20dredge%20Shark%20River%20channels.pdf , or by downloading a copy of the .PDF by clicking here: Dredging Permit Application


From our facebook page:


Coalition Frustrated Shark River Hasn’t Been Dredged

Here is a segment that aired on June 12th, 2015 on NJTV that covered  how the Shark River Cleanup Coalition is frustrated the Shark River hasn’t been dredged yet. The state Department of Transportation says it has applied for the necessary dredging permits, but advocates say the scope of the project doesn’t go far enough.

Weblink:  http://www.njtvonline.org/news/video/coalition-frustrated-shark-river-hasnt-been-dredged/

Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aM4MVM2SUl4&feature=youtu.be

Residents urge Wall to dredge Shark River in township

An article in the Asbury Park Press regarding the dredging of the Shark River. 

Click below for full story from the Asbury Park Press on app.com.


Lettter from DEP – Office of Dredging and Sediment Technology on dredging Shark River

New Dredging Section and Facebook Page

We are working on ways to keep in better communication with our community about issues regarding Shark River. We’ve created a dredging section on the left that will be the repository of all future dredging information, as well as a new facebook page that will have frequent updates, links, documents, and other information about SRCC and Shark River. Please stay tuned for future updates to both this website and our facebook page in 2015!

New! – Dredging Section – Click Here

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/sharkrivernewjersey