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Local Shark River Area Maps

The Shark River Watershed encompasses 23 square miles. Storm water runoff is a major source of contaminated water entering the river. This water is contaminated with fecal bacteria, floatable trash, oil and other fluids from cars, lawn chemicals, soaps, silt and anything else that comes in contact with the rain.

We have accumulated the storm water drainage maps of all of the towns surrounding the river and its tributaries. We have now compiled them all onto one map to better understand the effects of storm water and how to treat it or divert it to create less of an impact on the river.

Browse through the different area maps below to get a better understanding of the watershed. The map list starts at the headwaters (beginning) and travels towards the Atlantic Ocean.

Lake Alberta


Lake Alberta is located on Neptune Blvd. near Sixth Ave in Neptune. The lake has no natural flow and is basically a retention basin for storm water from the surrounding area. The overflow from the lake is piped underground to Shark River and Sylvan Lake. This polluted water is a significant source of pollution entering Shark River.

Hanson’s and Heroy’s Pond


Heroy’s Pond and stream are located in Wall Township. The stream starts in Hanson’s pond which is spring fed and travels east through Heroy’s stream and pond to the river. The branch behind Roger’s CT off Belmar Blvd. is mostly dry and used for storm drainage from the surrounding neighborhoods. From Marconi Rd. to the pond entrance the stream is encased in a 36 inch pipe that runs parallel to State Hwy. 138. The pond is the home to a large domestic duck and goose population which may be the cause of the high levels of fecal coliform. There is also a sanitary sewer that is in the river and runs parallel to Belmar Blvd. Directly at the entrance to the bay is a clam bed that has been closed for years due to high bacteria levels.

Jumping Brook Into Shark River


The Shark River starts in Hockhokson swamp in Earle Naval Weapons (upper left hand corner). It passes the Monmouth County landfill on Shafto Road, travels southeast under Route 33. to the Garden State Parkway where it connects to the Revytown Brook. It eventually enters the Shark River Bay at the Brighton Ave. Bridge in Shark River Hills, Neptune.

The Jumping Brook, starts in Wayside,Ocean Township and Tinton Fall’s Fox Chase development. It travels southeast through Neptune where it connects with the Shark River and enters the bay at the Brighton Ave. Bridge. The storm water from all of the surrounding neighborhoods, golf courses and roads empty into the rivers and eventually the bay. This runoff is full of pollutants and sediment that contaminate and fill in the bay. Cigarette butts, cans, bottles, fertilizer, oil and petroleum products,grass clippings,leaves, feces of humans and animals all make there way down these streams and dump into Shark River.

Shark River Bay Area


The Shark River Bay area is a salt water estuary and nursery for a variety of marine and mammal species. The tide change in the bay is approximately six foot per tide. The bay is bordered by Belmar, Neptune,Avon by the Sea, Wall,and Neptune City. Fresh water enters the bay in a number of locations, most of which are located on the southwest and south side of the bay. Jumping Brook and Shark River enter at the Brighton Ave Bridge in Neptune.

The Laurel Gully Brook originates in the Cemetery on Belmar Boulevard and Gully Road in Wall, travels through Ecom Evans in Wall and enters the bay just east of the Brighton Ave Bridge.  Hanson Pond, Heroy’s Stream and Heroy’s Pond map enter on Belmar Blvd. by Hwy. 35. The rest of the entrance points are storm water pipes and ditches.

Shark River Cleanup ‘Hot-Spots’

SRCC has clearly identified “Hot-Spots” for cleanups. Please feel free to organize your own little cleanup group and adopt a specific section between our spring and fall cleanups.