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Cleanup - October 2015

Over 60 people turned out to clean the banks of the Shark River on Saturday October 24th, 2015. Groups included environmental clubs from St. Rose High School, Neptune High School, members of the Neptune Lions club, the Neptune Rescue and Recover dive team, boat owners, families, and other SRCC supporters.

Cleanup - Fall 2012

This is a cleanup performed on October 6th, 2012. It was a great turnout and the SRCC helped clear out a bunch of garbage left after the busy summer season.

Cleanup - Spring 2011

The SRCC Spring 2011 cleanup.

Cleanup - Fall 2011

The SRCC Fall 2011 cleanup.

Cleanup - Spring 2010

The SRCC Spring 2010 cleanup.

Cleanup - Fall 2010

The SRCC Fall 2010 cleanup.

Cleanup - Spring 2008

SRCC Spring 2008 cleanup.

Cleanup - Fall 2008

SRCC Fall 2008 Cleanup.

Cleanup - 2003