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More than 75 residents of Shark River Hills and supporters of The Shark River Cleanup Coalition held a march and rally along South Riverside Drive in Shark River Hills to voice their opposition to a flood mitigation project proposed for South Riverside Drive in Neptune Township….

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NJDOT begins second phase of Shark River Channels dredging

Dredging to continue until end of the year!




Rally for the River

The Shark River Cleanup Coalition, along with the residents of Shark River Hills, will be holding a Rally for the River regarding the South Riverside Drive Flood Remediation Project on Sunday, August 13. The rally will start with a march that starts at the bottom of Snake Hill.

Marchers are asked to meet at the bottom of Snake Hill with signs/posters at 11:30 am. The march will proceed to Volunteer Park, where speakers and marchers will gather to call for Neptune Township to delay any vote on the bond ordinance to finance this project until other entities/agencies have provided further evaluation on the impact/necessity of this proposed project, which will not prevent damage from large storms.

Please make every attempt to attend this rally, as the ecology of our Shark River is definitely at risk of being compromised. Whether you live on South Riverside, or live elsewhere but enjoy the river for boating, fishing, kayaking, or even walking along the edge with your dog or children, this project affects you!

Here is the update on the public forum held on July 25th on the South Riverside Drive bulkhead project in Shark River Hills:

Dr. Andrew Rella, a coastal engineer and CEO of EcoConcrete, has drafted a hybrid model for the township, which utilizes his company’s product, which he calls “marine mattress”, and an armored Geotube core ( a huge silt filled sock), in his model. Elevation has dropped from 10′ to 8 1/2′ above base elevation, which would be 3 1/2-4′ above the existing road. Access to the river would still only occur at street intersections with the River.

The residents still have unresolved questions regarding whether or not flood mitigation is a real necessity here, the exact impact on the ecology and environment, and lack of beach access beyond the entry points.

In addition, several residents have raised serious questions about the township’s FEMA application, which states that flooding occurs on a regular basis, as often as 2-3 times a month. Many residents dispute these assertions, and the township has not been able to produce any documentation to verify those claims.

At the public hearing held at the Shark River Hills firehouse, the overwhelming sentiment of the residents was that they were not in favor of any structure being constructed along the beachfront on South Riverside Drive from Snake Hill to the Shark River Boat and Yacht Club.
They also expressed concern for the vegetation, wildlife, and sea life that would be negatively impacted by this project. Two attendees did voice opinions in favor of the project, basing their viewpoint on “take the money or lose it.” The township will bond for approximately $350,000 to finance their match, with the remaining $850,000 being paid by FEMA.

The township was urged to seek an extension until more research can be done on the living shoreline design concept, and/or whether or not flood remediation is even necessary.

Please forward to all concerned about the impact of this project on the River, and come prepared with any questions you may have.

For updated information, please visit our facebook page, Save Shark River, or call 732-988-7722 (SRCC) if you have any questions.



Outdoors with Andre:

Prehistoric horseshoe crabs are back in N.J. to spawn

Thanks for Helping!

Our Annual Spring River Cleanup was a success!

Pictures of our cleanup will be posted soon.

What is not mentioned in their release, is that The SRCC  pursued this investigation of the outfall pipe early on.  Our water sampling data in this area for bacteria levels goes back to 2005.

Sampling conducted by the Monmouth County Board of Health was stopped several years ago due to a lack of funding/manpower, and the fact that the beach had been closed to swimming for so many years.  

Photos taken last February  show the exposed outfall pipe being investigated by former Monmouth county engineer Turner Shell, American Littoral Society restoration director Al Mojeski, and Monmouth County Health official Dave Sorensen (pictures by SRCC, Bill Sciarappa) as part of a joint 319(H) grant application for a living shoreline to remediate the bacteria in the river through the planting of mussel beds.  

The SRCC started taking weekly water samples for an independent lab in the summer of 2016 at both Memorial Park and Shark River Beach and Yacht club  to document the bacteria problem, since nothing was being done by other agencies.  Requests to post large “No Swimming”  signs that clearly indicated that the water at those sites was polluted were rejected by Neptune City and Neptune officials.  The SRCC continued to send its high bacterial level lab results to Neptune City and demand that action be taken. Mayor Brown took then the fight to the next level,  And that is where the state government stepped in.

Shark River Post Dredge Results

SRCC Highlights

  • E. Coli Poop-ulates Shark River Waters
    The primary pollutants in the Shark River are E. coli bacteria, sediment particles, and fertilizer. In the case of swimmers, the DEP estimates on the current bacterial exceedance for human health standards is that a minimum of 37 out of 1000 people exposed to these waters will get an eye, ear, throat, nose or other infections caused by staph and strep pathogens as well as a chance of hepatitis and viral diseases.
  • Shark River dredging saved from TTF shutdown
    The Shark River dredging project that was stalled by the gas tax impasse will resume "any day" now after state officials realized they risked losing an undisclosed amount of federal funding for the work, a Monmouth County freeholder said.
  • Announcement on restart of Shark River dredging project canceled without explanation
    Monmouth County officials abruptly canceled the news conference where a plan to restart the stalled Shark River dredging project Monmouth County officials would be announced.
  • Dredgefest a Success!
    The SRCC celebrated its 15th-year anniversary by hosting "DREDGEFEST" at the Headliner in Neptune on June 30th, 2016 to kick-off the long-awaited dredging of the Shark River.
  • Friends of Belmar Harbor Sail-abration
    Friday, June 17th, 2016....Maclearie Park at L Street Beach, Belmar NJ....4:00pm to dusk, Click for more information
  • Dredgefest 2016 Information
    Dredgefest 2016 flyer and info.
  • Beach Sweeps – Shark River Cleanup – April 30th
    Join the Shark River Cleanup Coalition in an environmental cleanup of the Shark River on Saturday, April 30th. Cleanup starts at 9:00am - Memorial Park, Neptune City. See you there!

Check This Out


  • Eagles Rising
    Many of us who live along the Shark River have enjoyed the special show from nature of our local eagle pair nesting, feeding, and flying.
  • Horseshoe Crab Survey
    The Shark River Cleanup Coalition performs an annual horseshoe crab survey at the Shark River Estuary.
  • Storm Water Runoff
    Storm water runoff in our area is a major source of contaminated water entering the rivers, lakes, and oceans.
  • SRCC Non-Profit Organization
    The SRCC is a non profit 501(c)3. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

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